The Mantle Law team.

Joining in

At Mantle Law, we’ve created an environment where we focus all our attention on achieving the outcomes our clients crave, not on the distractions and politics which are too often found in traditional law firms.

Because we can offer ambitious lawyers the chance to progress in an exciting and unbureaucratic environment, we have hired truly great people who share our values and attitude.

If this resonates with you, whether you are in the UAE or in London, we’re interested in talking to people about how Mantle Law could be the perfect home for your experience and attitude.

Please do get in touch.

Our values:
committed, challenging and collaborative.

Committed. We have an unswerving focus on our work but also on delivering exceptional service; we excel in what we do.

Challenging. We’re passionate and energetic; we never stop questioning why we do things and whether they can be better.

Collaborative. We know that only by working together with you and supporting each other we can constantly achieve our goals.