After spending eight years honing my skills and gaining valuable experience at a prestigious international law firm, I anticipated that transitioning to a boutique firm would be a seismic shift, potentially even a culture shock. Surprisingly, though, this transition has been remarkably smooth and I have seamlessly fitted in with this tightly knit and collegiate team.

While Mantle has a modern and flexible approach to working, the sense of community and energy continues to resonate, whether you are in the office together or working remotely. There is a ‘buzz’ to the office, especially on team days where we are all in together. What I truly appreciate about our team is the diversity among us. We all come from unique backgrounds, and this is what unites us. The connections within the team are undeniably strong, creating an atmosphere that feels more like working with close friends rather than mere colleagues. The warm welcome I received here has made it seem as though I’ve been a part of the team for much longer than I actually have.

From day one, I was brought in to assist on a number of high-profile matters, the quality of which is on-par with the best in the region. This environment is challenging in every sense, pushing me to grow as a lawyer and immerse myself in new, varied and exciting legal issues that I’ve yet to encounter in my career.

There was no ‘easing in’ period either; I was immediately entrusted with responsibilities and given unwavering support to fully immerse myself in all aspects of our work. Here, there’s no apprehension about sharing insights or suggesting innovative strategies; rather, there’s an encouraging atmosphere that welcomes diverse perspectives to help us achieve the best outcomes for our clients. We function as a cohesive team, with a shared commitment to collaboration over hierarchy. In this environment, the origin of a brilliant idea matters little; what counts is its merit. We all bear collective responsibility for progress and the successful resolution of every project, ensuring that each voice is not only heard but actively engaged in shaping our approach and its execution.

This approach extends to working with counsel, expert witnesses and clients. Seeing ourselves as an extension of the client’s legal team, whereby we are ingrained with the client from the outset and focussed on delivering success for them. Its noticeable that the team is trusted by our clients and there are strong working relationships striving to achieve the same goals.

I am actively encouraged to also develop my own network, by utilising existing client relationships and attending external events. The firm’s support is unwavering, but places a strong emphasis on tailoring my approach to align with my unique personality and preferences, rather than conforming to a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Joining Mantle has been an invigorating experience, where I not only find myself valued as team member but also deeply supported in pursuing my personal aspirations.

Andrew Primett

November 2023

Posted by: Andrew Primett

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