My name is Matthew Heywood, founder of Mantle Law, a brand new legal practice based in the United Arab Emirates focusing on arbitration and litigation.

In a market crowded with faceless institutions, it is our mission to create a truly distinctive and remarkable business, aligned to the times we live in and ready for a future we all face together; one that is proudly moving away from many of the outdated operational and cultural binds of traditional law. Most of all, we want to build a business that can deliver the most agile, optimised and effective legal support to our clients, who are increasingly under pressure to deliver more, with less.

This new client agenda runs through every aspect of the vision and strategy for Mantle Law. For us, it’s all about really understanding what our clients need from us. And that means listening. Our clients know that they can trust us with their biggest challenges. But they also know that we’ll be turning all of that hard-won know-how into ever more creative ways to support them in the future. Plus, in sharp contrast to our more institutional peers, there’s no digital transformation for us to adopt. We are born in 2020 and embedded in the world of now, so the use of innovation and technology to achieve results, better and faster, is in our blood.

Supporting a climate of innovation are people that are dedicated to working hard for clients; bright, bold lawyers trained to out-think and out-manoeuvre any opponent, never giving in until every argument and strategy has been applied.

Our vision for the firm can be summed up perfectly, now and forever, in these three simple words :-

Dedicated // Our clients are always at the heart of our world, not numbers on a spreadsheet. We work hard to earn trust and loyalty. Above all, we stand shoulder to shoulder, always.

Distinctive // Our business has been designed to be different, optimised for the nascent challenges in legal services. It helps us stand out amongst our Big Law rivals.

Driven // Our resilience and determination can make all the difference. Our people are tireless, with the grit to finish the fight.

Whatever the ’new normal’ we share, we are, and Mantle Law is, committed to delivering levels of innovation, quality and service that clients have never experienced before.

If you procure legal dispute resolution services and if this sounds interesting then please reach out to me, it would be great to connect.

Posted by: Matthew Heywood

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