As the legal world gears up for Dubai Arbitration Week 2023, it’s a good reminder that this vibrant and ever-evolving city has firmly established itself as the indisputable hub for resolving legal disputes in the Middle East.

Dubai’s rise as a leading hub for resolving commercial disputes in the Middle East is no coincidence. The emirate’s strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and arbitration-friendly legal framework have all contributed to its status as a preeminent destination for dispute resolution. Notably, Dubai’s key arbitration center, the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), has been at the forefront of facilitating arbitration proceedings throughout the region. This institution, along with its counterparts, plays a pivotal role in maintaining Dubai’s reputation as a trusted arbitration jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the presence of a diverse range of skilled legal professionals and world-class facilities ensures that all parties involved can experience a seamless and impartial arbitration process.

Dubai Arbitration Week is the crown jewel in the Middle East’s legal events calendar. This annual gathering of legal professionals, industry experts, and scholars attracts attendees from across the globe. It serves as a melting pot of knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. The week-long event includes seminars, panel discussions, and workshops, providing an invaluable platform for learning and discussing the latest trends and developments in arbitration.

This year, Mantle Law is thrilled to be a part of Dubai Arbitration Week. Our team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers will be in attendance, ready to engage in discussions and share insights on the ever-evolving world of arbitration. Included in the line-up is our very own Associate Andrew Primett, who will be joining the CIArb Young Members Group Debate Series on Tuesday, to debate whether Dispute Adjudication Boards can resolve large construction disputes in the Middle East. It’s sure to be an engaging and lively debate and we look forward to witnessing Andrew in action.

Notably, Mantle Law is not just about legal expertise; we also have a creative side. The firm has entered a band “Heavy Mantle” into the Law Rocks concert. This promises to be a night of entertainment and camaraderie, celebrating the intersection of law and music.

If you’re attending Dubai Arbitration Week, we invite you to reach out and come and find us at the events. Our lawyers are eager to connect, share their expertise, and discuss how Mantle Law can assist with your arbitration needs. Whether you’re an arbitration enthusiast or a legal professional, this is an opportunity to engage with a forward-thinking law firm at the forefront of both legal practice and artistic expression.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Michael Hartley

November 2023

Posted by: Michael Hartley

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