The Next Chapter


Matthew Heywood

Senior Partner

On 1 June 2020, I launched Mantle Law, a brand-new legal practice based in the United Arab Emirates focusing on arbitration and litigation. I sought to create a law firm that I believed was more relevant to the needs of our clients and the market than any other; a business aligned to the times we live in, rather than the outdated operational and cultural binds of traditional legal practices. Above all, a firm for clients who are now under more pressure than ever to deliver more, with less.

So, two months on, does the vision match the reality? And is there a place for us in the crowded legal community? The answer to both is an emphatic yes. The response from clients and practitioners in the Middle East and around the world has been nothing short of phenomenal and it is clear that our vision has struck a chord. From the 40,000 people viewing and commenting upon our vision through Linked-In (thanks all!) at the start of June through to the countless communications reaching out to us to express support, encouragement and, ultimately, agreement in what we are doing.

So, what have we been doing? In a few short weeks, we have secured major mandates from blue chip clients and, for any new enterprise, that’s what really counts. Moreover, we’re told that service, quality of individuals and the experience of working with us is new, refreshing, timely and utterly welcomed. We have introduced clients to dispute funding opportunities, enabling them to monetise their litigation assets and access cash reserves at a time when liquidity is under real pressure (more on that in an article from me soon). We are working in unison with our ‘best-friend’ barrister chambers and delivering bespoke teams of professionals, hand-picked to suit to each and every instruction.

What next? We’re hungry to achieve so much more. We’re on a mission to find the best and brightest legal minds in our sector to ensure that the principles we stand by, and which have earned us such an excellent start, are sustained as we grow. Most of all, we’re excited about the future and will continue to push the boundaries of how legal services can be delivered.

Finally, if our vision and approach resonates with you, we should talk. I’ve benefited so much from encouragement and support from like-minded clients and fellow practitioners and I want to keep listening and learning.

It’s been an amazing start; here’s to the future.


Matthew Heywood