Michael Hartley



Michael is a dispute resolution lawyer who acts for clients in the construction, oil and gas, energy and power sectors in large scale disputes in various forums (including DIFC Courts, DIFC-LCIA, DIAC, ADCCAC and ICC).

Michael is based in Mantle Law’s UAE office.

Recent projects

UAE quasi-government offshore oil and gas producer (as Employer and Respondent) in ad-hoc expert determination proceedings against a Contractor under an EPC contract related to offshore project (the Contractor was a consortium including a leading international oil and gas services provider and a Southeast Asian ship builder) with claims totalling US$ 500 million.

Korean Shipbuilder (as Claimant) in a dispute with a Middle East government entity (as Respondent) under an engineering, procurement, construction installation, commissioning & start-up (EPCIC) contract. The governing law was the law of the State of Libya, the seat was Paris, France subject to ICC Arbitration Rules. The dispute was valued at circa US$ 130 million and part way through these proceedings the Respondent started a second set of ICC arbitration proceedings whereby the Respondent advanced claims it failed to advance in the first set of proceedings. Following a 10 day hearing in the first set of proceedings an award was issued in the Claimant’s favour. Thereafter, the award was enforced which led the Respondent to agree to enter into a settlement agreement withdrawing the second set of proceedings and paying the sums awarded in the first set of proceedings. These proceedings lasted four years and Michael managed the matter from issuance of the Request for Arbitration until payment of the sums awarded.

Qatar based cable installation company (as Subcontractor and Claimant) in a dispute with a Chinese engineering company (as Main Contractor and Respondent) in ICC arbitration proceedings with a sole arbitrator. The governing law of the contract was the laws of Qatar and claims totalled US$ 40 million.

Danish marine services company (as Claimant) in a dispute with a quasi-Iraqi-government entity (as Respondent). The Claimant was engaged to clear unexploded ordnance (i.e. unexploded mines) from a new marine terminal in Iraq. The Claimant brought claims for non-payment and variation of works against the Respondent in ICC arbitration proceedings. The governing law was the laws of the State of Iraq and the seat was the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Following a one week hearing the three-member tribunal issued a favourable award to the Claimant. The Respondent then challenged the validity of the award in the DIFC Courts which was successfully defended as the DIFC Court issued a judgment recognising the award.

Advised a UAE based desalination plant operator (as Claimant) on the calling of a bank guarantee provided by French entity (as Subcontractor) under a subcontract.

UAE quasi-government offshore oil and gas producer (as Employer and Respondent) in a dispute with an international electrical equipment producer and installer (as Contractor and Claimant) on a high-profile Offshore Oil Field Power Generation Upgrade project with claims totalling US$ 140 million.

Malaysian construction company (as Main Contractor and Claimant) in a dispute with an international manufacture (as Subcontractor and Respondent). The governing law was the law of the UAE, the seat was the DIFC with a sole arbitrator subject to the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Rules. The dispute concerned the installation of equipment in a district cooling plant in the UAE. After successfully obtaining a favourable award for US$ 5.5 million, the Claimant successfully applied to have the award recognised by the DIFC Courts for enforcement in the UAE.